Alex Carter

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Alex Carter
General data
WeaponsFrame9.png Railgun
Frame951.png EMP Grenade

Alex Carter is one of three mercenaries available in Hybrid Wars.

Background[edit | edit source]

Descended from a long line of maverick military officers, Carter is a distinguished veteran of the United States Army. Following an honorable discharge, Alex started a career as a freelance security consultant - a mercenary. He plans to prove the validity of his One Man Army theory: That a single warfighter, equipped with the most advanced weapons and supported by cutting edge technologies, can fight a war as well as an entire army.

It goes without saying that he also wants to go down in history as the first such warfighter, a master of theory and practice of war.

Weapons[edit | edit source]

Railgun A prohibitively expensive and extremely sophisticated weapon of immense destructive power, the railgun has a low rate of fire, but compensates for it by the sheer amount of firepower it unleashes.
EMP Grenade An advanced tool that temporarily disables heavy units (such as tanks) and converts lighter units to Carter's side.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Air-Dropped Mech Carter can request a mech while on the battlefield. It comes with average armor, a machine gun, and frag grenade launchers.
Med Drone Equipped with a first aid kit and a surgical module, this drone can save a soldier's life in the field - and certainly restore Alex's lost health. Requires upgrade to unlock.